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SICKBOY (Antwerpen)

Sickboy Milkplus, (stage name of Jurgen Desmet), is a Belgian electronic music producer of "Breakcore Gives Me Wood" and "servants of the apocalyptic goat rave" with music releases on Tigerbeat6, Peace Off, Mirex and Wood.


DJ SKULL VOMIT (San Francisco) - Tony from Eustachian

Eustachian is a Breakcore/Grind group out of San Francisco consisting of Tony Welter & John Roche. They have released on labels such as Fathme, Ad Noiseam, Death$ucker, Relapse, Hirntrust and Murder Channel. Eustachian started Fathme Records in Jan 06, with a specific goal and premise of new aspects of grind, speedcore, and serial killer country. They have traveled all over Europe for the past 5 years touring with artists such as, The Teknoist, Vytear, Baseck to name a few and have had the honor to play along side acts like Skinny Puppy, Cattle Decapitation, Venetian Snares, Hella and The Locust. Their live sets are not to be missed, delivering some of the most brutal, fastest, psychotic Breakcore/Metal tunes that will leave your ears screaming for more.

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